To create a Point-of-Sale (POS) software system for hostels to manage bar sales, restaurant sales, and stock. The guests will each be given a personalized wristband upon arrival that corresponds to their account number on the POS software. This account allows them to consume inside the hostel, add the cost to their Brisker account and then pay at checkout. The system will be able support discounts and waste management. Invoices will be generated electronically and integrated directly with SUNAT.


Using our strong development teams and our experience in the latest web development technologies, we have suggested a full stack cloud-based solution that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of hostel management.

Brisker has been created to manage:


Brisker revolutionizes the effectiveness of hostel operations by tracking stock and waste management. This simple addition to the hostel will reduce losses and accurately monitor profits. Daily reports will simplify the planning process for managers and lead to an improvement in stock control.

The automation of the e-invoicing has removed the manual paper work needed, meaning more efficient use of time and an eco-friendly system.

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