Bus booking and logistics


To create a responsive web interface which can be used on a number of devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. This interface will be used by customers to book their bus and pay by credit card.

To create a logistics application that can be used to show booking reservations, how full buses are and generate the legal documents required for SUNAT. Based off the number of reservations made and an algorithm predicting how many more reservations will be made, it will be easier to determine the number of buses needed for the following day.

To generate invoices electronically.


An application that uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies to book buses and integrate the Stripe platform which is used to securely process card payments.

A logistics application that will create a spread of all the passengers booked on the buses. This app will also store other important legal information such as the bus drivers’ profiles, the bus company and guides’ profiles to generate the manifest document required by SUNAT.

From the list of passengers of the buses and various legal information like the driver, bus company, guide information, generate the manifest document which is legally required by SUNAT when you are a professional bus company.

We currently have a big data platform which is constantly being added to and updated. From this data, we will launch a complex algorithm every day that predicts how many buses we need for the following day. The algorithm takes various criteria into account such as the number of passengers on board in the past and the rate of company growth.

Invoices will be generated electronically through an official provider of SUNAT and integrated


The data is securely stored in a cloud-based application which can be accessed remotely via an internet connection. This data is then safely backed up for long-term archiving.

Thanks to the organized electronic filling and powerful built-in search engine, it is very easy to find the data of a particular client.

Thanks to its API, it is possible to integrate other applications.

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