Human Resources


To create a lightweight tool for managing databases of employee information and phase out bulkier Excel-based recordkeeping. This new tool should have searchable data and cloud-based storage, with the ability to store not only employee personal information, but also holidays and sick time, which will be managed through notifications and an interactive calendar.


An application developed with the latest technology to integrate all necessary Human Resources tasks in one platform. This new application is both lightweight and searchable, with functionality and features to meet all Human Resources needs.

The Human Resources application stores personal info of employees, notifies Human Resources personnel about important dates, allows easy tracking of holidays and sick days, document storage, calendar management and more. The system is fast, easy to use, and completely searchable.


Thanks to its high speed and intuitive features, this application has revolutionized day-to-day tasks within the Human Resources Department. It has accommodated the needs of a fast-growing company and proven to be a scalable solution. The Human Resources application is also easily integrated with other office applications, and its databases are fully exportable.

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